Building work on Christchurch, Newmarket Road.

When: 28th November 2011. 3.30 to 5pm or 7 to 8.30 pm
Where: Christchurch on Newmarket Road
Why: A chance for local residents to view the plans and ask questions and an opportunity to meet with others from the area.
Who: Steve Midgley the vicar of Christchurch has organised these events.
Extra info: Tea will be served at 3.30-5pm and drinks at 7-8.30pm
Cost: Free

What to do next:
If you can’t make the receptions you can contact Richard Newman (Buildings Manager) on 01223 362574 to ask questions.

What is happening?
Currently there is scaffolding up on the west side of the building. This is to enable repairs and repointing to the stone and brickwork where it has suffered weather damage.

They are about to apply for planning permission from both from the council and the Church of England to allow them to remove the existing porch and add a front extension which will incorporate a light and airy foyer with two side rooms attached. They also want to reposition the railings so that the whole frontage of the church building is opened up to become more welcoming and attractive. If planning permission is granted they hope to start the building work in the summer of 2012.