Traffic Briefing to Planning Committee

Newmarket Road and Coldham’s Lane traffic flow has been of concern recently especially in light of the new developments which will greatly increase traffic flow in an already congested area. To find out more you could attend the briefing on the 13th June 2012.

When: June 13th. 12 noon
Where: Guildhall Cambridge
Why: Briefing to Planning Committee and Local Councillors
Who: Cambridge City Council
Cost: Free
What to do next: The meeting is open to any member of the public, so just go along if you wish to attend
More info: This concerns the new modelling that has been done on the future traffic flow through Newmarket Road/Coldham’s Lane in light of two major planning consents having been granted at this junction — a 219 bed Travelodge in November 2010 and a 75 apartment block in November 2011 — and the pending planning application for a 121 bed Premier Inn.

You can download the modelling results from the City Council’s planning website

The joint response from RARA, PACT (Petersfield residents) and BruNK (Brunswick & North Kite residents) raises questions about the assumptions and conclusions of the model.