Winter gritting on Riverside

Gritting in the Riverside area will take place this year. Riverside, River Lane, Stanley Road and most other local streets are on a ‘secondary’ lorry gritting route, and will also done by a quad bike when the council grits the cycleways. Last season secondary routes were done 3 times and cycleways were done 24 times. The cycleways have already been gritted once this season so far.

Gritting on Riverside became a major issue in December 2009 when due to the icy conditions a car crashed through the retaining fence at the bottom of the River Lane ‘hill’. Luckily no-on was hurt. Previous to the incident March 2009 an online petition signed by over 1200 people had been submitted to the County Council after lots of cyclists had accidents on Riverside in the winter of 2008-9, after new cycle bridge was opened. The crash however highlighted the seriousness of the situation to the council and the policy of gritting the area is now in place.

Currently the County Council website is giving the wrong information on the gritting situation but they are aware of it and it should updated soon.