Cam Cleanup

The Cam Cleanup is back. Be ready on Saturday 13th April to pick up litter. Last year more than 100 volunteers turned out for the event, filling many bags of rubbish, it is hoped that those numbers will be exceeded this year.

City Council staff will be placed on each of Sheep’s Green (near Mill Pond), Midsummer Common (near the Fort St George) and Stourbridge Common, to get volunteers started. City Council staff will provide a briefing on the event, and will hand out work gloves, litter pickers and litter bags.

There are no offical plans to meet up afterwards bu the organisers propose that volunteers meet up at the Fort St George after the cleanup to swap stories of the most outrageous items found.

What to do next:
What: Public Meeting
When: Saturday 13 April from 10 am – 1 pm
Where: Sheep’s Green (near Mill Pond), Midsummer Common
(near the Fort St George) and Stourbridge Common
Why: To pick up litter along the River Cam.
Cost: Free
More information:City Council staff will provide a briefing on the event, and will
hand out work gloves, litter pickers and litter bags.

Meeting with our MP, Julian Huppert, and RARA Annual General Meeting

Our AGM is coming up so do come along especially if you’d like to get involved with RARA.
This year our MP Julian Huppert will be there for the first hour to answer questions and engage in discussions with residents.

What to do next:
What: Meeting with local MP combined with the RARA General Meeting
When: Thursday 14th March, 7.30 – 9.30 p.m.
Where: Christ Church, Maid’s Causeway.
Why: Although RARA is strictly a non-party organisation, but we thought a chance to raise concerns with our MP was a useful thing to do.
Further Info: There will be questions and discussion with the MP for the first hour. All are welcome to attend.
Cost: Free

Consultation on boat mooring along Riverside

The long awaited consultation on boat mooring along Riverside is now underway. Letters from the City Council’s long-awaited consultation have gone out but it appears that not all residents have received one.
RARA’s main concern is that the process is deeply flawed – please download the attached document for more details.

What to do next:
What: Public Meeting
When: Friday 22nd February, 6.30 – 8.30 p.m
Where: St Andrew’s Hall, Chesterton. This is just over the new cycle/pedestrian bridge.
Why: To discuss Riverside boat mooring
Cost: Free

Winter gritting on Riverside

Gritting in the Riverside area will take place this year. Riverside, River Lane, Stanley Road and most other local streets are on a ‘secondary’ lorry gritting route, and will also done by a quad bike when the council grits the cycleways. Last season secondary routes were done 3 times and cycleways were done 24 times. The cycleways have already been gritted once this season so far.

Gritting on Riverside became a major issue in December 2009 when due to the icy conditions a car crashed through the retaining fence at the bottom of the River Lane ‘hill’. Luckily no-on was hurt. Previous to the incident March 2009 an online petition signed by over 1200 people had been submitted to the County Council after lots of cyclists had accidents on Riverside in the winter of 2008-9, after new cycle bridge was opened. The crash however highlighted the seriousness of the situation to the council and the policy of gritting the area is now in place.

Currently the County Council website is giving the wrong information on the gritting situation but they are aware of it and it should updated soon.

Local Plan – comments deadline 27th July 2012

The deadline for comments on the first stage of the Local Plan is Friday 27th July 2012. You can make your comments here.

What is the Local Plan?
It is the basis for all future planned development by the City Council and it is used for assessing all future planning applications. It considers a range of issues, such as new housing, green belt, industrial development and use of waterways.
There are a number of subsequent stages, but the scope to raise new issues will obviously diminish as drafts get firmed up.

Where can I find out more information?
The last public exhibition was today at Addenbrookes 12-2 pm.
You can find out more on the website Local Plan.

What is RARA doing?
The Chairman is submitting some comments – if you would like her to include your comments please email lynette (at)

Traffic Briefing to Planning Committee

Newmarket Road and Coldham’s Lane traffic flow has been of concern recently especially in light of the new developments which will greatly increase traffic flow in an already congested area. To find out more you could attend the briefing on the 13th June 2012.

When: June 13th. 12 noon
Where: Guildhall Cambridge
Why: Briefing to Planning Committee and Local Councillors
Who: Cambridge City Council
Cost: Free
What to do next: The meeting is open to any member of the public, so just go along if you wish to attend
More info: This concerns the new modelling that has been done on the future traffic flow through Newmarket Road/Coldham’s Lane in light of two major planning consents having been granted at this junction — a 219 bed Travelodge in November 2010 and a 75 apartment block in November 2011 — and the pending planning application for a 121 bed Premier Inn.

You can download the modelling results from the City Council’s planning website

The joint response from RARA, PACT (Petersfield residents) and BruNK (Brunswick & North Kite residents) raises questions about the assumptions and conclusions of the model.

Local Plan meeting 16th June 2012

A local plan meeting will be held on June 16th and Cambridge residents are welcome to come along and find out more. Please contact Lynette for more details. Email below.

When: June 16th. 9.30am-12 noon
Where: Cambridge
Why: Local Plan workshop
Who: Cambridge City Council
Cost: Free
What to do next: Contact Lynette if you’d like to go on – lynette (at)
More info: The City Council will be presenting an initial Issues & Options paper, which will set out their first thoughts on issues such as land use, building heights/restrictions, green belt etc. The County Council will also outline its forthcoming Transport Strategy.